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Masa Consulting provides consultation and training services across all levels of government and organizations. We specialize in several fields of emergency management, risk mitigation, disaster, and crisis preparedness and response. We bring a unique approach to our work by the integration of the behavioral sciences into all aspects of our work.

The Masa core philosophy is following a well-defined conceptional division between four core principles of preparedness, response, recovery, and evaluation strategies. Below is a fundamental understanding of these principles and some examples of the work that we do at Masa Consulting.

Guiding the Journey


our focus is creating concrete plans, developing training and exercises well ahead of a disaster to prepare your organization. 


  • Development of prevention and response to workplace violence.

  • Provide site security/ safety assessment of a business’s physical and emergency practices.


has multi levels of complexity when an incident occurs. Often leaders need immediate and long-term support while the response occurs. Support may be for a few hours to multiple months depending on the incident. These can be critical events that need leadership, staff, and responder support. 


  • Response to incidents by supporting on or off sites at all levels. One to one, team and organizational assistance.

  • Provide behavioral analysis of risk situations.


it is how organizations respond to challenging events after the immediate crisis, life safety is over. The measuring of the impact of the incident is when physical and psychological recovery begins. This may be days, years or a lifetime.  It is the work of recognizing the journey and find the meaning.


  • Provide program development to return teams and organizations.

  • Provide a post-incident response to improve recovery strategies.


is a critical process of learning lessons and improving on our actions of response and recovery. Without a look at what happened and what we did there can be limited improvement.


  • Incident review and the creation of lessons learned and improvement process for growth.

  • Work on training exercises of all sizes and develop an improvement course of action.

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