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Jonathan W. Bundt

Founder and CEO

works in the integrative behavioral science field for over 30 years specializing in disaster and crisis preparedness, response, and recovery. He founded Masa Consulting more than two decades ago in the Midwest.

In his early career, Jonathan rose to the rank of chief inspector in the National Israeli Police force in anti and counter-terrorism training and response.


In 1995, Jonathan began his work in the USA as a mental health professional for the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and as a trainer and on-scene support advisor for the Minneapolis Police-SWAT.  He specialized in training crisis-hostage negotiators and critical incident response.  He also opened a private practice providing psychotherapy to a wide range of clients who struggle with mental health challenges.​

As the CEO of Masa Consulting, Jonathan has provided incident and post-incident consultations for more than 3,000 local, regional, and national events of crisis, disaster, and violence.  He also has supplied organizational assessment and consultation relating to human resource issues and conflict mediation.  ​


Today, he regularly delivers consultation and training services to the private sector, healthcare, public safety, corrections, transportation, education, public health, and emergency management.  


Current areas of interest are in the field of workplace violence prevention and response programs—development of incident response teams—creative programs in the field of wellness and resilience.


  • He has worked in curriculum development of several programs for first responders.

  • He is a frequently sought-after public and keynote speaker.

  • ​He is a member of MN-1 DMAT (federal response team) and a certified emergency manager in the State of Minnesota.  

Jonathan is a past president of the Metro Emergency Association.  


Jonathan was honored for his leadership in responding to the 2007 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN.

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