Masa provides consultation and training services on local, state and national levels, in the areas of disaster and crisis response, to private businesses and organizations, hospitals, public health and human services and EMS, police and fire departments.

We bring people and organizations from sustaining a burden to growth.

What does “masa” mean?

Masa is a very interesting Hebrew word.

Masa is a very interesting Hebrew word.  In the original Hebrew, it is written in two different ways but, when spoken, sounds the same.  

Spelled one way, “masa” means a journey of substantial growth that is physical, mental,collaborative and spiritual in nature.


Spelled the other way, “masa” means a physical burden, a heavy load.

In life, many difficult events can appear to be the same, but, in reality, they are different for each person  involved.  It all depends on how we think and how we feel about an event that determines if this incident is to be an opportunity for growth…..or to remain a burden.