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Overview of Services

All services are customized

Keynote Speaking

  • Jonathan has presented at numerous conferences on a broad range of topics. He has a unique style of passion and engagement with his audience. 

Field of Emergency Management

  • Exercise, training design, and implementation. Exercise design and delivery, including seminars, workshops, tabletops, drills, and full-scale exercise. Trained in Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program guidelines.

  • Incident management team training includes providing a wide range of support from team development to incident response.

  • Family Assistance Center Training. Jonathan has real-world experience in running assistance centers and will help customized training and models for your community.

  • Program evaluation and gap analysis.  We can take a fresh look at the emergency program and provide recommendations for improvement.

Operational Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

  • Development and clinical support for Peer Support Programs

  • Critical Incident Response Support: Group and individual

  • Training on a wide range of mental health and wellness topics

  • Case management and consultation for mental health and chemical dependency situations

  • Psychological First Aid Training


Physical Safety and Security Risk Assessment and Program Implementation

  • Workplace violence program development and training: Employees, Supervisors, and Teams

  • Threat Management Team Development, training, and support

  • Behavioral Analysis of case and incident response for risk and support needs

  • Practical and tactical programs in active assailant (shooter) response for public safety, security and all staff

  • Security event support consultation services including development of security teams with limited backgrounds.  Including work with faith-based organizations.

  • Physical site evaluations for security and safety concerns.  Working in a wide range of institutions including but not limited to housing complexes, social service agencies, and places of worship. Including documentation of recommendations fr improvement.



Public Safety and Security Training

  • Crisis and Hostage Negotiations Basic and Advance

  • Managing the Mental Health Crisis: A Patrol Response

  • Physical Safety and De-escalation Training

  • Wellness and Resiliency Training

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