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Things you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccination in Minnesota

· Minnesota is receiving COVID-19 vaccinations manufactured by Pfizer

· The first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived on Monday, December 14th and were distributed Tuesday, December 15th

· Priority is being given to healthcare workers that are working directing with COVID patients because of their exposure risk

· Broad distribution to the public is not expected until late spring or early winter

· People should not get the COVID vaccine within 14 days of receiving the flu vaccine or any other vaccine

· Hennepin County Medical Center had the largest amount of COVID patients out of the Twin Cities hospitals during the initial surge and received 1,950 doses of the vaccine on Thursday, December 17th

· The federal government is giving weekly allotments of the vaccine to each state. Minnesota Department of Health Infectious Disease Director, Kris Ehresmann, explains that Minnesota plans to receive 33,150 doses in next week’s allotment, but numbers are subject to change

· As of Friday, December 18th, 947 front line healthcare workers had received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine

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