"For those who survive mass shootings, the trauma persists"

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

The Minneapolis Star Tribune featured an article “A Mass Shooting’s Enduring Trauma” by Jennifer Brooks (January 17, 2016) that underscores the long-term post traumatic problems and support required by survivors of mass shootings.  It spotlights John Souter a survivor of the 2012 Accent Signage mass shooting in Minneapolis. The next day, Accent Signage brought in trauma recovery specialist Jonathan Bundt of Masa Consulting to help the company restore “hope and balance”.  Recognizing that victims of trauma just don’t get over it, Bundt continues to work with the company and its current and past employees.    Souter salutes the courage and training of the police and unarmed firefighters for saving him. Read the full newspaper article here.


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