Lesson from Orlando

As we continue to watch the world try to understand the events and causes of last weekend in Orlando, I always look for lessons to be learned and for actions that reinforce the need for threat assessment and management.  Masa Consulting can assist in the development and implementation of a Threat Evaluation Team.

Listen to this interview with one of Omar Mateen's co-worker. Recognize the many obvious statements of his co-worker that indicated that Mateen was a very serious threat.

Listen to your workers. This co-worker was so fearful of Mateen that he quit his job rather than to continue to work in such a “toxic” environment.  He considered Mateen to be unstable, a racist, and homophobic.  While Mateen himself was reported to be feeling marginalized because of his religion. 


Clearly, we don't have all the information, according to one news report, his employer G4S (a very large security company) found no need for concern and continued to employ him. We do not know what steps G4S took to come to this conclusion.

Take action.  If we have an employee like Mateen, our hope is that coworkers, upon hearing such levels of anger, would immediately accelerate a report to a supervisor or Human Resources.  Then,  a Threat Evaluation Team would do an assessment.  The assessment would be done by the mixed disciple team.  Taking the time to develop and implement a timely and effective reporting system is critical to having a workplace that is safe for everyone. Masa Consulting can assist in the development and implementation of a Threat Evaluation Team.


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